slow cloth is something that is being discussed by various people… Sharon BElaine Lipson… and Rev Deb... but the person who I feel produces the best slow/story cloth is Jude over on Spirit Cloth… so I’ve created this blog to allow me to keep track of my journey into the slow movement… slow cloth… story cloth… art cloth… where this journey will take me and where it will lead is as yet a mystery…


3 Responses to “Why slow cloth…”

  1. Sacredartist Says:

    I really like the name of your blog and the idea behind it. I am a slow clothe fan and didn’t really know the term…I just enjoy putting a thead in a needle and weaving it through cloth…both in piecing and in embroidery.
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. soulatplay Says:

    Hi Sacredartist… just jumped over to visit your blog… some great work… my fav colours too…

  3. Elaine Says:

    Hi – thanks for the link – just a quick note to say that in addition to being one of the people discussing slow cloth, I was one of the first to use the term and explore its meaning. You might be interested in this post on my blog to see the qualities that I think are essential to this philosophy: While enjoying stitching is certainly part of it, I see it as much more than that, a real commitment to a certain approach to textiles and fabric. Thank you.

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