‘mind like a sieve’…

February 10, 2008

whenever I thought about the February take it further challenge the expression ‘mind like a sieve’ just kept popping up… so that’s going to be my starting point… I’ve got some fabric that I picked up on the beach… it’s full of holes… so seemed just right for this project…


so the plan was to make a pillow cover…but while out yesterday I found, in a charity shop, a pack of two black pillow covers… so I encouraged the fabric into two pieces… so now have double the work…! will I ever learn to work small…


I intend to quilt the cover with coloured thread into which I will stitch words / expressions of the things I’ve forgotten / or simple things that passed me by completely and of course the expression… ‘mind like a sieve’…


2 Responses to “‘mind like a sieve’…”

  1. jude Says:

    great start and i like the element of forgot, taken further from remember

  2. Fiona D Says:

    I love that you found fabric on the beach, the holes are wonderful. Stitching what you’ve forgotten sounds so intriguing, I almost said I can’t wait to see, but I can, of course, since patience is required of those who wish to see slow cloth 🙂

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