all the pins are out…

February 6, 2008

I’ve finally managed to get all the pins out… the seams are all either stitched & finished… tacked / basted… or fixed with hidden stitches… so the quilt is now easy to transport… it’s been to my art group… so instead of painting I sat and sewed… and it’s just had an outing to ‘team combat’… it attracted rather a lot of attention from the other Mums running a taxi service…!!!


all packed up… my Grandmother would be telling me off, if she were still around… ‘the stitching on the back should be as neat as the front…’ this statement brings me around to the word conceptual…

I’ve been thinking about the word ‘conceptual’… the speaker on Saturday used it a lot…I took a look on Wikipedia

“Conceptual art is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.”

so after considering the above… does this mean that ‘my slow cloth’ is conceptual art…? in making this woven cloth I’m not following traditional methods of working and I’m not paying much attention to how the different fabrics are normally treated…

so if my Grandmother would tell me off for the stitching on the back… I would hate to think what she would say about the front… with its raw and fraying edges (much encouraged fraying I will add)… but if I were to say ‘but it’s conceptual art’ would this stop her…? it’s certainly stop me…


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