the first seams…

January 30, 2008

stitches have been added… the first seam done… it came together with
simple running stitches…
while the second demanded more sophisticated treatment…
first the stitches had to follow the weave in the fabric… then the velvet wanted more than running stitch… so a few French knots crept in…
here you can see the first two seams stitched…
it certainly is easier to stitch without the pins in… I’ve not counted the number of seams left to stitch… but this is one Tifc that is not going to be finished by the end of January…
the process of stitching is giving me time to ponder… to contemplate… ( meditate even… something I’ve tried to do in the past with very little success… ) getting enjoyment out of the making of this woven cloth, without a final product in mind, really is relaxing… this ‘slow cloth’ approach is just great… so it seems…. ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’… therefore… it’s the process not the finished article that’s important… well that’s what it feels like at the moment…

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