the flowers have started growing…

January 25, 2008

a couple of flowers have made an apperance…
while the progress on the woven cloth may be as slow as a snail… I’m getting so much out of the process… just taking the time to sit quiet and sew… the time to ponder and let your mind drift… it is a lovely relaxing way of working… trusting to the process… to let things develop at will… this to me is what ‘slow cloth’ is all about…

2 Responses to “the flowers have started growing…”

  1. This looks like a mighty big project. It will be interesting to watch it develop. Yes, I want to see how you stitch around your slitted together pieces. That is different to me.

  2. soulatplay Says:

    yes… major is the right word… that’s what you get for not planning… for just letting the fabric take you where it will…

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