taking on a life of it’s own…

January 21, 2008

while I was sorting / ironing my fabric things just seemed to start happening… several of the pieces of fabric had already been torn into strips…

tifc010.jpg tifc011.jpg

so it just seemed natural to work with strips of fabric… I joined some together… soon having quite a large pile… all this seemed to happen with very little thought on my part… you could say that the fabric decided what it wanted to be…



the strips were only pinned together… but without any sewing happening first… the fabric strips just seemed to say ‘weave me’ … so that’s what I did… this was a completely different way of working for me… normally I would have drawn a design out first on paper… measured everything carefully then cut and sewn everything together pressing the seams as I went…


but as you can see… I have a woven piece of cloth… uneven… both in terms of size of strips and colour and tonal value… if I’d followed my normal way of working I would be re-weaving this so that the colours would be ‘better’ spaced I would have spend hours arranging things… but this time I just let the cloth ‘do it’…


I ended up with some wonderful combinations… so thanks Sharon B for the take it further challenge… and thanks Jude for your what if’s… I feel that maybe this slow cloth is starting to evolve into a story cloth as it certainly took on a life of it’s own in it’s early development…


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