just a few stitches…

January 21, 2008

to help hold the woven cloth together… I’ve attached the woven cloth to a piece of upholstery fabric to give it some stability and a little stiffness so that I have something to stitch into…
big stitches on the back… but only little ones on the front…
as I’m not sure if I’m going to leave them in… or maybe I will cover them with other stitches… I’ve had great fun with the ‘seams’… as I said in an earlier post I had only pinned the fabric strips together… so to join them I’ve cut slits in one fabric and fed the other one into the first fabric…
(did that make sense? hopefully you can see what I mean in the pictures)
where the join occurred under another strip I cut a slit in that too and fed both ends through…
I feel that I’m now ready to start to tell the cloth’s story… certainly a few stitches will be used… maybe a few of my doorways will be added… but I’m coming to the conclusion that the next take it further challenge will be posted before I’ve finished this one… unless I get a lot of stitching time…

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